Coachella Festival, one of the largest in the world, will not happen before October 2021

Grey clouds over the festival landscape of 2021: already postponed twice, the emblematic North American festival will no longer take place in the spring of next year
The Coachella festival in the United States, considered one of the largest in the world, will not happen before October 2021, guarantees Rolling Stone. This will be the third time that the Californian event is postponed: it was supposed to take place in April of this year, it passed to October and then to April of next year.

The information was passed to the North American publication by “various sources of the music industry”: “The 21st edition of the popular music festival will be postponed a third time to October 2021”. The announcement should have been made by the end of September, but as not all artists have confirmed its availability yet, the organization is holding the information for not having the right dates yet.

“They are booking the first three weeks of October to be safe,” one of the sources told Rolling Stone, who contacted AEG, which is responsible for organizing Coachella along with prosecutor Goldenvoice, but has not received any comments on the news.

The same sources say other American festivals, like Governor’s Ball or Austin City Limits, are just waiting for confirmation to announce their own postponements as well. Remember that Coachella is held two weekends in a row – this year it had Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott and Frank Ocean as its heads.

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