Why Do Dutch People Listen To Podcasts About Sex?

It wasn’t so long ago when podcasts started to come to the fore with different themes and storytelling aspects. Back then, no one could have predicted that podcasts would soon become a trend that would go beyond being a source of entertainment, at least for Germany and the Netherlands.

Here podcasts in general, but especially those focused on sexuality and “Porno Deutsch” quickly became a popular medium to share KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE with hundreds or thousands of people worldwide.

But why is the focus of the podcasts there so strongly related to sexuality and dutch porn? Is it just about information and education or is there something hidden behind them?

That and more we will try to answer in this article, but before we get into the subject, we must clarify basic principles of podcasts so that all readers can follow the reading without feeling disoriented. So let’s get to it!

What is a podcast and why are they so popular?

The podcast is like the new age radio, where the content is on-demand and can be listened to whenever the client wishes. Its format has a high power of communication, which can transmit information, education, entertainment and more, so there are virtually no limits to creativity!

Nowadays, we have less and less time to do the things we like to do, which certainly applies to the consumption of educational and entertainment content. Podcasting has become so popular thanks to the fact that it helps to make the most of the time available and increase daily productivity.

This is possible due to the ease of just pressing play and listening to content; whether in the car, on the bus, at the gym, during lunch and so on.

How do people use it?

Interested people follow the release of each new episode directly from their smartphone or computer in a fully automatic way, and so they can listen to it from the phone application and download it for offline listening.

One of the advantages of the podcast is that its bandwidth transfer is low and does not consume as much as videos, which represents a saving in mobile operator data usage and makes it very convenient for anyone.

Person using podcast app on a smartphone
Streaming a podcast on a smartphone

So, what’s behind Porno Deutsch podcasts?

You may have thought that these podcasts were being sponsored by big porn companies and producers, however, this is not true. There is nothing strange behind them!

Simply in countries like Germany and the Netherlands, people are very open-minded and love to practice and learn a lot more about sex, porn and how to improve sexuality in general.

People don’t just listen to them for entertainment, but for how informative and educational they can be. They possess such an innate authenticity in their dialogue that they have a way of leaving you feeling somehow inspired after listening.

Naturally, while preparing my research for this article, I came across several sexuality and Porno Deutsch podcasts that I found quite uplifting, educational and ultimately entertaining that I would definitely like to share with you:

1. Why Are People Into That?!

This is a very popular podcast in germany, the netherlands and the united states, in which topics that for many would be unthinkable are discussed. They talk about Porno Deutsch and about almost any sexual fantasy or perversion that might puzzle you.

The host is a girl who is in charge of inviting porn stars and normal people like you and me to talk about every aspect of porn, from romantic sex to the hardest of BDSM videos.

In this podcast no topic is left out! I’ve already heard episodes where they talk about real incest, stone fetishes and any number of weird sex-related things.

2. In Bed With Nick & Megan

Undoubtedly, this is not the most open podcast when talking about porn and sexual content, however, they touch on important points in the sexual and interpersonal relationships of people immersed in a marriage.

Despite being hosted by two celebrities, they don’t get carried away by their status and communicate like ordinary people, where they have conversations that delve into the often unspoken corners of marriage, sex and relationships, with the help of some of their guests.

3. Dying for Sex

Of the list we’ve brought you today, this has to be the most serious podcast of all, as it’s based on a true story of a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer who decides to turn her whole life upside down, leading her to call off her marriage, put fears aside and become a real sex fiend.

Here you will find talks that wander through the wild side of fetishes and manias as well as totally honest opinions about sex and mortality. In short, it’s a podcast that proves there’s no time like the present!

4. Gayish

A podcast with a distinctly gay focus where each week the hosts take a gay stereotype and break it down to get to the heart of it. The two guys who run the show manage to bring a sense of thoughtfulness along with humor to each topic in the weekly episodes, which don’t explicitly offer sex advice, but certainly run the gamut from flirting and gay tribes to butt plugs and threesomes.

5. Fangasm

This is definitely the one I would recommend for those people more inclined to a playful and comedic narrative. This started as a place dedicated to erotic fiction between the characters of Harry Potter, but over the years it has become something much bigger.

They touch on important arguments of television and film to try to explain in a more explicit way how it would have been a deeper sexual relationship between the most famous characters of the big screen. If you’re curious about what a more explicit retelling of Jim and Pam’s relationship on The Office would have been like? Then Fangasm is for you.

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